Evening Conversations

Mon 2 Aug | 7.30-10.30pm
Chelsea Theatre, World's End Plaza, SW10 0DR

Pay What you Want

“You’re the one with the identity crisis mum, not us!”

Evening Conversations is a warm-hearted extended monologue, written and performed by Sudha Bhuchar. It is inspired by her everyday banter with her dual heritage (Hindu/Indian and Muslim/Pakistani) millennial sons who have grown up in leafy Wimbledon, while her life has spanned three continents (Africa, India and UK). Sudha invites her boys to ‘crack open a cold one’ and share their dreams and views on life with her, while she rinses a glass of prosecco or two!

Tearing them away from their phones to have a DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) is no mean feat and like a magpie, Sudha collects the snippets of gold dust and shares them with her audience in this fluid and deeply personal piece.

As Sudha navigates her family, career and returning to India as an NRI (Non-Resident Indian), she is prompted to investigate her own sense of home and reassess her place in the world. Will her mono-lingual, fiercely British sons see their heritage as a place of strength or an unwelcome inheritance?

Identity, multiculturalism, Britishness, belonging, Hairy Bikers, Feminism, and ‘shit’ genes! Is anything sacred? Sudha invites the audience to lean in, listen, laugh and cry!

Wonderfully ebullient, witty, at times wickedly funny and poignantly political, this is a show that crosses ages, cultures, and generations for what is so winning about Sudha’s conversation is that it lets us in on not just her thoughts but the pugnacious, deflating ones of her two adult sons, Samar and Sinan. Utterly delightful, and so, so timely. Carole Woddis, journalist (Facebook)
“Full of truth and beauty…. really brave. My mum kept on poking me - you’ve given her a lot of ammo! “ Riz Ahmed, Actor
“For most people, a one woman-hour-long-monologue would seem a bold idea... However, Sudha Bhuchar held their attention throughout the performance. The audience was intently listening to Bhuchar’s every word.” Wimbledon Bookfest, University of Roehampton
Evening Conversations literally warmed my soul Audience member, Tara arts
I was laughing out loud while my heart was crying inside Audience member Wimbledon Bookfest.

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Evening Conversations