Luke Jerram - Gaia Outdoors at Jubilee Square

Friday 22 July to end of Tuesday 26 July I Times 9am to 10pm


Jubilee Square, Kensington and Chelsea Council, Town Hall, Horton Street, London W8 7NX

Gaia is a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram. Measuring seven metres in diameter, Gaia features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface*. The artwork provides the opportunity to see our planet on this scale, floating in three - dimensions.

The installation creates a sense of the Overview Effect, which was first described by author Frank White in 1987. Common features of the experience for astronauts are a feeling of awe for the planet, a profound understanding of the interconnection of all life, and a renewed sense of responsibility for taking care of the environment. Watch this great film about the phenomenon.

The artwork also acts as a mirror to major events in society. In light of the current COVID -19 pandemic, the artwork may provide the viewer with a new perspective of our place on the planet; a sense that societies of the Earth are all interconnected and that we have a responsibility toward on another. After the lockdown, there has been a renewed respect for nature.

A specially made surround sound composition by BAFTA award winning Composer Dan Jones is
played alongside the sculpture. In Greek Mythology Gaia is the personification of the Earth. Gai has been created in partnership with the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Bluedot and the
UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres.

*The imagery for the artwork has been compiled from Visible Earth series, NASA.

Luke Jerram’s multidisciplinary practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts
projects. Living in the UK but working internationally since 1997, Luke Jerram has created a number of
extraordinary art projects which have excited and inspired people around the globe. Luke Jerram has a set of different narratives that make up his practice which are developing in parallel with one another. He is known worldwide for his large scale public artworks.

There are three sites for Gaia's visit to the borough. This listing is for the first run which is outdoors on Jubilee Square.

The dates for indoor locations are:
Thursday 28 July - Saturday 6 August at St John the Baptist Church, Holland Road, London W14 8AH
Tuesday 9 August - Sunday 14 August at All Saints’ Church Notting Hill, Clydesdale Road, London W11 1JS

No tickets required for Jubilee Square but if you are someone who likes turning up with a ticket, you can book a ticket below.

Free tickets must be booked for St John the Baptist Church and All Saints' Church. The ticket link has not yet been released. Sign up for the Festival's Newsletter to be the first to receive the ticket links for the indoor presentations. All sites for Gaia are fully accessible.

In Jubilee Square, this piece is presented outdoors, is free to attend. Suitable for all ages. This location is in a residential area. For these reasons, there will only be one show with sound at 7pm each night. The soundscape can be accessed via a QR code at the site at other times in the day and night. The site will be open from 9am and close at 11pm.

Why not sign-up to volunteer and join the crew looking after Gaia? Information is on the volunteering page.

Check the website and social media on the day of performance for updated times as the weather may mean the schedule has to change. This location does not have public toilets. Bring sun cream and/or a coat. Please use public transport if possible rather than driving, take picnic plastic home to recycle and bring refillable drinking flasks.

Climate Emergency
Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. The Council is committed to showing leadership, empowering residents and working with everyone to address the climate crisis. We’ve already seen the devastating impacts that climate change has had globally as well as locally, such as the floods in Kensington and Chelsea in the summer of 2020. Like the pandemic has, climate change affects people disproportionally, and we have a duty to protect the most vulnerable residents and ensure that no one is left behind.

In October 2019, Kensington and Chelsea Council declared a climate emergency and adopted two new ambitious carbon reduction targets: to become a net zero carbon organisation by 2030 and a carbon neutral borough by 2040. Tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions is one of the five environmental priorities of the Council’s Green Plan.

In light of the climate emergency declaration, Kensington and Chelsea Council has developed a new five-year Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP), which will be launched late summer/early autumn.
The Climate Emergency Action Plan is split under six priority areas and includes more than 150 climate actions:

• Buildings & Energy
• Sustainable Transport & Travel
• Waste & Circular Economy
• Leading by example
• People & Partnerships
• Places & Greener Borough.

Our vision is to have a greener, fairer, sustainable, resilient borough and for our transition to a low-carbon economy to be inclusive and fair, so everyone feels empowered to take action. We will reduce carbon emissions at pace while tackling inequalities, improving the wellbeing of all residents, protecting the most disadvantaged and climate-vulnerable communities, and enabling a fair transition to a thriving green economy, with green recovery at the heart of Covid-19 recovery.

Please get in touch if you would like to hear more about what the Council is doing to tackle climate change. Let’s all imagine a borough where people, communities and ecosystems can flourish. Share your ideas on how to make the borough carbon neutral by emailing us at: We want to hear from you and we are looking for active participation from residents, schools, local organisations and businesses.

Photo credit: Scott Garfitt

Luke Jerram - Gaia Outdoors at Jubilee Square