Place for Me by Chickenshed

Sat 3 July I Afternoon

Pay What you Want

Place for Me

The story focuses on the adventure of a child who is having the worst day EVER! They decide to go on an imaginative journey to find a new ‘Place for me'. An exciting quest leads them to travel to five lands and introduces them to different ways of thinking. Through their exciting adventure, the child learns something from each land but leaves still questioning what makes somewhere the perfect place to be. The journey, through these lands and more, teaches the child so many lessons about how our own world could be better, and sparks the question of if there is anywhere better than where they started.

Chickenshed run exciting, accessible and fun theatre workshops for children and young people. They are renowned for our creative approach to making theatre which empowers young people, gives them a voice and inspires hearts and minds. Their inclusive ethos mirrors the diverse West London community and Chickenshed aims to bring people together through creative and innovative projects.

Tickets for this performance were first being offered to families of the participants. A few tickets are now on sale for shows at 3.30pm and 5pm (30 mins per performance).

Tickets: Pay What You Want

Age: 5+

Main Programme Event.

Place for Me by Chickenshed