Strong Enough by Strong Lady (25/7)

Sun 25 July I 1pm + 3pm
Holland Park


STRONG ENOUGH is a powerful celebration of finding strength in unexpected places.

A circus Strong Lady tells a cascade of stories from real people, about a time when they were strong. Circus skills, feats of strength, a voiceover soundtrack and storytelling reveal the ways that strength is built when we are at our edge.

Building on 20 years of touring the world as a Strong Lady, this new show is surprising, funny and full of hope... an optimistic declaration that we are STRONG ENOUGH!

Suitable for all ages.

Location: The grass area behind the children's playground, next to the main loos in Holland Park
Show times: 1pm + 3pm. Subject to weather. Check website for any changes on the day

This is an outdoor performance and does not require pre-booking.

Main Programme Event.

Strong Enough by Strong Lady (25/7)