Superhero Cog-Woman by LR Vandy

Summer 2021
Napoleon Garden, Holland Park


A large Jesmonite sculpture from the series Superhero Cog-Woman, this work, on view in Napoleon Garden for Summer 2021, is a tribute to women throughout time, alluding to how women have often acted as the unmentioned drivers of industry, toiling long and hard but underrated, often overlooked and largely unrecognised.

Cogs are mechanical components used to connect one thing to another, literally enabling things to be driven forward. As such, they act as a perfect metaphor for the role of women in industry and indeed in society in general.

Made of Jesmonite and polished steel, the sculpture is formed by stacking the cogs onto a splined shaft. This approach to the construction adds to the seemingly pragmatic and mechanical nature of the sculpture. The complete series consists of seven sculptures, constructed from twelve interchangeable components.

SUPERHERO COG-WOMAN #1 is presented as part of the KCAW Public Art Trail – a series of temporary installations placed in locations across Kensington and Chelsea to interact with the public in unique and unusual ways.

Superhero Cog-Woman by LR Vandy