Swimming Home by Silvia Mercuriali

25 July - 7 August
10.30am | 3.30pm | 6.30pm | 8.30pm
In people’s own bathroom. App-based


Are you ready to dive in? An immersive show performed by you at home.

Swimming Home is an immersive theatre experience for an audience of one, that takes place in their own bathroom. It was developed through interviews with swimmers from all over the UK and delivered directly into people's homes through a phone App.

Swimming Home, Silvia Mercuriali's latest Autoteatro show, brings a fully immersive theatre experience into people's homes, transforming their bathroom into a filmic water-world. Standing in their bathroom, wearing a swimming costume, goggles and some headphones, the audience is led through a journey of rediscovery of their relationship with water as they prepare to enter their bath (or shower).

A sonic reality matches the participants' actions as they are instructed to move around their bathroom, inviting them to watch their surroundings through a new poetic lens, allowing the bathroom to take on new guises. Sometimes an antechamber of a municipal pool, other times an outdoor pool in the hills of Hollywood, the familiar shifts constantly through sound.

The show mixes together instructions, binaural and underwater recordings, film extracts and interviews with swimmers to transport the audience, in and out of the pool, superimposing imagined realities onto that which they watch.

Director Silvia Mercuriali says: “The piece was originally conceived for an audience sitting in the viewing gallery of a swimming pool, watching people swimming their lanes, to discover themselves part of a bigger story where reality and fiction merge, confusing the line between truth and illusion. In response to the current pandemic, I decided to develop the piece as a tryptic, and instead of making one show, I am now planning three stand alone experiences: Act One taking place in people's homes and therefore allowing people in isolation to access it; Act Two for a lone swimmer during their training; and Act Three, finally, in a municipal pool. Each Act influences and informs the others creating a multi-layered experience which reveals itself slowly and that gradually takes us back to a world where communal experiences can be had safely.”

A digital show at set times. Suitable for ages 12+.

Please do not leave children unattended in water during their performance of this show at home.

Main Programme Event.

Swimming Home by Silvia Mercuriali