Tea Set by Gina Moxley

3 Sep | 7.30-10.30pm
Chelsea Theatre, World's End Plaza, SW10 0DR

Pay What you Want

Tea Set
by Gina Moxley

'That incident left me cored. No other word describes it. Whatever was left of my essence, gist, kernel, life force, self was gouged out by that boy.'

Christmas, 1999. On the verge of the new millennium, a young woman becomes the caretaker of Mrs. A., an elderly woman who is forgotten and isolated from her family. As New Year's approaches, she makes an unlikely connection with her elderly charge and discovers the secret of her recent trauma, a secret that leaves both of them shaken in the wake of such unthinkable violence.

Tea Set is an absorbing play that really captures what it is to be lonely, misplaced or to feel a burden to those you love or even society (no matter your age) – and the devastating choices this leads us to.

Main programme event.

Tea Set by Gina Moxley