The Greenhouse by Sophie and Marie Nüzel

July - In Schools

Only for Kensington and Chelsea state schools

The Greenhouse
Sophie & Marie Nüzel

A magical dance performance about the senses of plants

The plant world is full of wonders. Did you know that plants have senses just as we do? They can see, hear and feel you!

Come and join Peppina and Pimpernell on the magical journey into the senses of plants. Using dance, spoken word, music and installation two performers introduce young audiences to basic plant biology - exploring some of the wonderful things that plants are capable of doing.

Discover how the apple tree makes sure that all his apples are red at the same time. Find out what secret messenger system the willow tree uses to fight off the caterpillar and join us in exploring what plants need to grow and survive. The Greenhouse is a magical dance performance for young audiences aged 4 and up and their families and you'll event plant your own plant to take home with you.

The Greenhouse is created by Sophie and Marie Nüzel. Funded by Arts Council England.

Offered as fully-funded performances to Kensington and Chelsea Council State Primary Schools for in-school performances through an Open Call process.

(There are no public performances of this show)

The Greenhouse by Sophie and Marie Nüzel