Wednesday 10 August I 7pm

Pay What You Want

The Playground Theatre, 8, Latimer Industrial Estate, Latimer Road, London W10 6RQ


Witness the true stories and testament of those who have fled areas of conflict for safety in the UK, told alongside the classic tale of The Trojan Women. Has anything changed since 415 BC?

A new adaptation of Euripides' anti-war tragedy THE TROJAN WOMEN with a cast of UK-based Ukrainian, Afghan, Syrian and other refugees, professional actors, amateurs and community hosts.

Directed by Shani Erez and Amanda Waggott. Adapted by Charlotte Eagar, William Stirling, Amanda Waggott and the cast.

Produced by The Trojan Women Project.

An exciting taster of the work in progress will be performed at The Playground Theatre on 10th August as part of the Kensington and Chelsea Festival, with a core cast of professional Ukrainian, and Syrian-Palestinian actors, all exiles from their homelands. Arwa Omarem, Valery Danko and Alina Venerchuk as well as the British actor Emma Bugge will lead the performance.

Helping refugees overcome isolation, trauma, depression and giving them a platform to tell their stories to their host communities as well as building links and trying to provide new professional and personal opportunities are the core aims of the project. The multi-lingual workshops also help the participants learn English.

A creche for the group members’ children and a hot lunch cooked by participants is also provided. The project is monitored by both a Ukrainian and a UK psychologist.

Working alongside the Trojan Women Project’s founders Charlotte Eagar and William Stirling and British theatre professional Amanda Waggott, the actors (above) are participating in community drama workshops for Afghan, Ukrainian and Syrian refugees. This is the first step in a planned country-wide tour of performances alongside community drama workshops

The Trojan Women Project has partnered with SET Kensington, The Ukrainian Community Centre, various Afghan and Syrian refugee networks, The Playground Theatre and Mountgrange Heritage, to deliver 12 weeks of community drama workshops for Ukrainian, Syrian, Afghan and other refugees working towards a new production of Euripides' great anti-war tragedy, The Trojan Women which will be shown in London in November 2022. The Trojan Women Project intends to tour this production, Trojans UK, and the accompanying drama workshops around the UK over a period of 18–24 months.

Trojan Women (Registered Charity SC050525)

This is a Kensington and Chelsea Festival Commission. Tickets are Pay What You Want. Booking link below.