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Kensington and Chelsea Festival and Chelsea Theatre are inviting professional-level performers to apply to the Open Call. Shows can be text based or physical theatre, dance, circus, music, opera, comedy, variety or a combination of these.

Successful applicants will be invited to perform for one night only at Chelsea Theatre within the main programme of Kensington and Chelsea Festival 2023. The company will receive a flat net fee of between £500 and £1,000 (based on production details and size of cast) and a 50% share of net Box Office total.

The Box Office will be run on a strictly Pay-What-You-Want basis. Preference is given to new shows not previously performed in London. International performers are able to apply. Our Team can work with relevant country-specific support agencies, such as Catalan Arts, to find additional support for travel etc. Shows do not need to be able to be performed in English.

Initial selection is based on artistic quality and production feasibility. Further selection is a two-stage process by an initial curating team of theatre professionals and a final selection by a group of World’s End Estate Resident representatives, who live beside Chelsea Theatre.

Applicants must get-in, perform and get-out on the same day. Performances can be suitable for young people, families or adults (must be stated). Work-in-progress performances as well as finished pieces are welcome to apply.


The Application deadline is strictly 10.00am on Monday the 8th of May 2023.

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