DIY Swimming Home by Silvia Mercuriali

DIY Swimming Home is a photographic project born alongside the interactive theatre show Swimming Home.

DIY Swimming Home is about the relationship we have with water and its ability to connect us all. Born almost by chance during lockdown, the artist has invited people to send a picture of themselves as if swimming in their own home. The pool becomes just a state of mind, an openness to floating, waiting and just being, undefined, unclassified. Even when confined in our own homes water still connects us all 'through the pipes, under your floor, up and down stairs, around the bends, into Hollywood's private pools and then finally home'.

Silvia Mercuriali says: “Now that we are so distant from each other and kept separate in our own bubbles, unable to travel, I especially feel the need to connect more. DIY Swimming does this with the simple action of taking a picture.”

During the K+C Festival, DIY Swimming Home becomes a Public Art Piece.

This project is slowly building a beautiful community of ‘Home Swimmers’ from all over the world all connected by their respective plumbing system, and keeps evolving throughout the festival.
One of the swimmers from the community of Kensington and Chelsea, will be featured on a giant billboard on the side of the Thames river during the duration of the festival.

Scanning the QR code you can see the gallery with all the pictures received and listening to a short audio portrait piece.

Through our DIY call we asked the community of Kensington and Chelsea to answer some questions, speaking in their mother tongue:
1. What is your name and when did you learn how to swim? (Recount your earliest memory of swimming)
2. What is the thing you love the most about swimming?
3. Do you have any fears connected to swimming and water?

View the Gallery:

DIY Swimming Home by Silvia Mercuriali