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Kickmouse Mysterium

Saturday 26 August I 14:00

Pay What You Want

The Chelsea Theatre, 7, World's End Place, London SW10 0DR

Buster Keaton meets Heath Robinson, Kung Fu Panda & the Sorcerer’s Apprentice; in a new comedy fable, of few words, about perseverance & achievement.

Jon, the chaotic student of Frank the Dog, breaks a precious artefact and has to redeem himself through a series of challenges and games. Set in a ‘home-made’ world full of cardboard, contraptions, illusions and mystifying objects. Jon is hampered by the sinister Cyprian Londt. A funny, stylish challenging, yet accessible, physical comedy show set to a soundtrack of music and sound effects. Jon Hicks teaches us how to approach life’s challenges through resilience and mastery as he embarks on a series of hilarious tasks in his quest to become a ‘master’ with physical magical and mystical powers The show explores the process of mastering one’s body, acquiring physical coordination and confidence through practice and repetition

Age guidance 3-11+ years old plus adults

Main Festival Event. This show is being presented within Kensington and Chelsea Festival in partnership with The Chelsea Theatre. Booking link available shortly. Tickets are Pay What You Want. See other listings for the full 18 Shows Programme at The Chelsea Theatre.

Kickmouse Mysterium
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