Wed 11 Aug | 7.30-10.30pm
Chelsea Theatre, World's End Plaza, SW10 0DR

Pay What you Want

Mayuri, or The New Human

Following an existential crisis, Mayuri leaves her human life behind, befriends the android Riza and has her mind transferred into a machine. Alienated by humans and robots alike, she embarks on a haunting journey of self-discovery, brutality and despair… Her life keeps changing while a cult starts following her like a god.

Could you picture letting go of your family, your country, your human body? Everything that makes you who you are? This is what Mayuri did. This is why we follow Mayuri on her path to freedom, self-determination and… the new human condition.

Mayuri is a one-woman science fiction play for a goddess and a priest; a dystopian storytelling experience; a sermon for the Cult of Mayuri on a strange island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The play is inspired by Greek tragedy, anime, posthuman philosophy and cyborgs…

“This absurd scenario is cleverly written with the right tone of sarcasm and self-irony” (A Younger Theatre reviewing Christos Callow Jr’s Last Tragedy at Talos Sci-Fi Theatre Festival 2018)

Trigger Warning: family estrangement, existential crisis, a bit of the old ultraviolence

Main festival programme.