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Ramalama Ding Dong

Wednesday 16 August I 19:30

Pay What You Want

The Chelsea Theatre, 7, World's End Place, London SW10 0DR

Ramalama Ding Dong is an innovative solo multimedia theatre piece inspired by real-life experiences of funny, surreal and intimidating racism. Earning comparisons to Stewart Lee this show combines experiments in comedy, storytelling, singing and sound art.

In 2017 the pharse “Ramalama Ding Dong” was repeatedly sneered at Roshi by a stranger on a train after she briefly spoke in Farsi to her family. This formed the basis of a playful comic experiment that aims, to “turn something hateful into a piece of art.” Her ingenious use of vocal processing technology creates a multitude of effects, with dazzling and frequently hilarious results. Her real-life stories range from the preposterously funny-a queasy encounter with a ridiculous 1970s comedian, to the bittersweet- her hazy recollections of a teenage trip to Tehran, complimented by beautiful animated films from Al Orange. We also hear tender recorded conversations with Roshi's childhood friend, actor Peter Stray. They reflect on how their friendship developed, despite members of the BNP trying to brainwash their classmates outside their school. Roshi takes a multi-dimensional approach to performance, preoccupied with the architecture of stagework, as well as the nature and limits of comedy. The result is a delightful and provocative meta-comic experience

Age guidance 14+years.

Main Festival Event. This show is being presented within Kensington and Chelsea Festival in partnership with The Chelsea Theatre. Booking link available shortly. Tickets are Pay What You Want. See other listings for the full 18 Shows Programme at The Chelsea Theatre.

Ramalama Ding Dong
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