Saturday 7 August I Afternoon

Little Wormwood Scrubs, 1 Dalgarno Gardens, London, W10 5LL

Pif-Paf presents SEED. The work is a thoroughly researched and beautifully fantastical exploration of our relationship with the long suffering plants that keep us fed, sheltered and breathing. It is staring down the barrel of climate change, seed gene patenting, monocultures and species after species of tree falling beneath this onslaught. It is the visual and movement theatre story of Wilford – one of the unseen – as he scrapes and digs and blasts the seed holes and co-opts the water and food to feed his charges. It’s a story of pulsating plant beats, pneumatic theatrical explosions, flying soil and water, resource liberation, live music and a giant tree growing out of a shed.

This free performance is presented outdoors and does not require a ticket. Suitable for all ages. The shows will take place in the afternoon between 1pm and 6pm. Performances in the outdoor arts programme by each company last between 15 mins and 30 mins each. There will be multiple shows to watch each afternoon, with staggered start times. This company will perform twice on the same day.

Scheduled times will be added to the website by 1 July. Check the website and social media on the day of performance for updated times as the weather may mean the schedule has to change. This location has public toilets. Bring sun cream and/or a coat. Please use public transport if possible rather than driving, take picnic plastic home to recycle and bring refillable drinking flasks.