Tectonic Plates

Wed 25 Aug | 7.30-10.30pm
Chelsea Theatre, World's End Plaza, SW10 0DR

Pay What you Want

The stage is bare apart from a lone desk, a PowerPoint presentation, and a large, obnoxiously ticking clock. The lesson is about to start.

Tectonic Plates is a new one-woman show, set in real time over the duration of a year 10 geography class. GIRL shares her inner monologue with the audience as the lesson progresses, gradually uncovering both the hilarity and the trauma of being at school. GIRL has notes to take, homework to do, exams to sit, and friends to spend time with, but she’s haunted by the prospect of the swimming competition on the last day of term. How can you exist peacefully as a teenage girl in a swimsuit?

Universally relatable and amusingly specific all at once, Tectonic Plates allows the audience to get a glimpse of GIRL’s future, before the school bell rings and the next lesson must begin. Discussion is rife about how children should ‘catch up’ from the time missed while schools have been closed. GIRL’s lesson poses the question, what of school is worth catching up on?

Main festival programme.

Tectonic Plates