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The Good Women

July 27 2023 | 19.30pm

Pay What You Want

The Chelsea Theatre, 7, World's End Place, London SW10 0DR

“The Good Women” is a funny, romantic and thought-provoking tribute to the Swiss suffragette movement of the 1960s – Swiss women did not get the vote until 1971 – and inspired by a true queer love story. It explores themes of abuse, addiction, sexism in law and society – but also celebrates queer love, romance, perseverance and two women’s ability to dream: Bette is the host of a popular TV cooking show and has settled for a life of predictable solitude and work. Trudy is a German immigrant and housewife who self-medicates with alcohol and Valium to cope with the trauma suffered from her husband’s ongoing abuse. When they run into each other, they begin to question their life choices, their politics, their sexualities – and what it means to be “a good woman”. The show is written, performed and produced by a diverse team of female and immigrant artists. The set – a somewhat unreal kitchen in heightened colours – is designed by mixed media artist Chloé Rochefort.

Mentions of suicide, domestic violence and abortion, sexual content, smoking on stage. Age 14+

The Good Women
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