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The Show of Shows

Thursday 17 August I 19:30

Pay What You Want

The Chelsea Theatre, 7, World's End Place, London SW10 0DR

The Show of Shows will explore the impact of Section 28, legislation introduced by Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government, in effect from 1988 to 2000, stopping schools from mentioning queer life. As a queer artist growing up in that era, I have often questioned whether my compulsion for oversharing is a by product of this restriction. I would present a work in progress performance consisting of 4 interconnecting shorter works linked together with audio interviews from participants I have interviewed about their connections with Section 28.

A Confessional monologue, dressed in a school uniform with anecdotes about teachers and their possible queerness whilst throwing out sweets to the audience, lip synching to Margaret Thatcher's anti-gay speech at the 1987 Tory Conference, telling the tale of the radical lesbians invading a live BBC news broadcast in protest of Section 28 in 1988 will be interconnected with audio interviews of participants talking about their own experiences of Section 28. We are living within an urgent moment, where parents are being petitioned to take LGBTQ+ information out of the school curriculum; a potential repeat of Clause 28. It is an urgent time for the history of LGBTQ+ censorship and removal from education to be discussed.

Themes of marginalisation on lines of gender and sexuality. May also contain references to queerphobia and violence against the queer community. Age guidance 16+ years.

Main Festival Event. This show is being presented within Kensington and Chelsea Festival in partnership with The Chelsea Theatre. Booking link available shortly. Tickets are Pay What You Want. See other listings for the full 18 Shows Programme at The Chelsea Theatre.

The Show of Shows
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