The Whale - Plastic Ocean by Circo Rum Ba Ba

Sun 8 Aug I 12 noon & 12.30pm I 2pm & 2.30pm I 4pm & 4.30pm (subject to weather)
Avondale Park, Walmer Road, W11 4PJ


Plastic Ocean by Circo Rum Ba Ba offers bold explorers who squeeze into the belly of an enormous inflatable Sperm Whale where they find themselves in the depths of the bubbling, kelp-swirling ocean. They encounter an acrobatic diver who leads them swimmingly through the age old journey of the life of an ancient Leatherback Turtle.

With the use of exquisite puppets, comedy and music, Circo Rum Ba Ba explore the tale of sea creatures and their battle to survive in an ocean full of rubbish. The audience help to save the turtle and the Whale from a deluge of plastic and travel from the Indian ocean to a coral reef, leaving feeling empowered that everyone can make a difference.

Circo Rum Ba Ba is a well established, highly experienced women’s circus theatre company which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise. The company is well known for its elaborate, colourful costumes and painstaking detail to characterisation. Circo Rum Ba Ba creates wonderfully bizarre, offbeat walkabout characters and images, designed specifically for festivals and events. From the subtle cameo to the grand parade, Circo Rum Ba Ba combines the surprising with the impossible, to produce a thrilling phenomenon of spectacle and show.

Suitable for all ages.
This is an outdoor performance and does not require pre-booking.
Avondale Park, Walmer Road, London W11 4PJ

Subject to weather. Please check the website on the day of the performance

Main Programme Event.

The Whale - Plastic Ocean by Circo Rum Ba Ba